MPM Master of Project Management

About MPM

What is MPM?

MPM stands for Master of Project Management

International certification in Project Management offered by International Project Management Association (IPMA)
All courses are taught through English
Two year course designed to facilitate people in full-time employment

Comprehensive course material provides a firm foundation in the technical, behavioural and contextual elements of project management.
Unique studying environment with students from diverse backgrounds and experienced world-renowned lecturers
Increased employment opportunities in Iceland and abroad.
Introduction of the MPM program in Icelandic media 20/04/2010
Interview with Helgi Thor Ingason about the MPM program
Introduction booklet - pdf
English versions?
"Advanced project management skills are essential for
leaders of today's highly complex and distributed industrial
projects. The MPM program combines the latest tools and
methods with practical applications and experience."

Dr. Steven Eppinger professor at MIT