MPM Master of Project Management

Aims of the MPM program

To educate students on the many different aspects of project management and provide them with the tools and training to deal with complexity and a wide range of problems as they arise.

Have students recognise the importance of organisation, self-control, communication, leadership, teamwork and values with a major emphasis on learning by doing.

Students will be encouraged to become leaders in their field and to continue to push the boundaries of our knowledge.

A multi-faceted approach and diverse mix of students will encourage insights from business, science, engineering, sociology, economics, psychology, philosophy, mathematics and history.

The MPM program is comprised of 90 ECTS credits and the teaching is split into 4 semesters over 2 years.  In the chosen modules the importance of the technical, behavioural and contextual elements of project management is emphasised and there is also much emphasis placed on the participation of students in practical teaching classes.  Group work sessions and action-based problems are used to focus on a range of realistic and virtual problems, and there is flexibility to allow students to look into problems from their own work environment and to reflect on them in a communal setting.

Teaching arrangements:
Classes are held every other week as listed below:
Thursdays from 16:00 - 20:00
Fridays from 09:00 - 17:00
Saturdays from 09:00 - 17:00
As a general rule, one course is taught at any one time and is completed before the next one starts.  Below is a breakdown of the MPM program over the four semesters.

First Semester (22 ECTS credits)  Second Semester (22 ECTS credits)
Strategic Planning: From Ideas to Implementation Information in Project Management and Information Technology
Project Management: Theoretical Foundation and Planning Project Negotiation, Conflict and Crisis
Project Leadership: Understanding of Self, Growth and Development Project Leadership: Project Ethics as a Critical Path to Success
Strategic Implementation and Project Execution
(Conference, Examination, IPMA D certification)
Third Semester (24 ECTS credits) Fourth Semester (22 ECTS credits)
Project and Program Accounting, Feasibility and Finance Advanced Project and Program Management
Consultancy, Change and Organizational Development PM in Different Sectors (elective)
Project Leadership: Project Teams and Group Dynamics PM in Diverse Cultural Settings (elective)
The Project Office, Program Management and the Project Driven Organization    Project ad Ultimatum: Scholarly Article on Project Management
(Conference, Examination, IPMA C/B/A certification)