MPM Master of Project Management


Participants in the MPM program come from many different backgrounds and are
each able to bring their own unique perspective and experience to the classroom
for the benefit of all.  In a typical
year we may have graduates with backgrounds in industry, business, logistics,
computing, natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, psychology and
healthcare amongst others and this diversity allows for many interesting
discussions in lectures as problems are discussed.

It has been evident over the last number of years that students have formed
friendships and connections with fellow students in different sectors and that
this has been a very positive development for all concerned.  We are very proud of our students as they are
messengers of new visions and approaches in project management and the feedback
from employers has been very positive to date.

Student committee for the 2009-2011 group:

Andrea Kristin Jonsdottir, email:
Bjork Felixdottir, email:
Fridleifur Kristjansson, email:
Gerda Sigmarsdottir, email:
Svavar Gardar Svavarsson, email:

Student committee for the 2010-2012 group:

Ívar Logi Sigurbergsson, netfang:
Jónína Björk Erlingsdóttir, netfang:
Ragnhildur Nielsen, netfang:
Sveinbjörn Jónsson, netfang: