MPM Master of Project Management

Welcome from the Director

The MPM program at the University of Iceland has been running since 2005 and each year we have been fully subscribed with a diverse range of students from many different backgrounds.  Upon completion, our students have gone on to excel in their respective fields and the feedback from individuals and employers has been very positive.
Our students share a common desire to increase their ability to manage difficult and challenging projects and are looking to further their knowledge and career prospects.  The MPM program is designed to meet these expectations, encouraging our students to convert ideas into actions and to make their work speak for itself.
The study program is based on a secure academic foundation and students gain a deep understanding across a range of subjects relevant to successful project management.  Our approach combines technical elements with project/plan initiation and implementation and our group sessions enable the understanding of how to build a sense of teamwork.  The importance of communication is stressed as well as an understanding of group dynamics and early identification of problems and methods of resolution.
The full MPM program is 90 ECTS credits, taken over 4 semesters, and the course is designed for those in full-time employment.  We have put a lot of thought into the creation of the program and do our utmost to fulfil the high expectations of our students in regards to what they would like to receive from us.  We regularly liaise with industry to listen to their requirements and learn from their experience and have built up strong connections with a number of leading international academic institutions on both sides of the Atlantic through our program of visiting lecturers.  
As project management is a very dynamic field, we keep a close eye on current trends and the course program is constantly being updated to reflect this.
If you would like to learn more about the course please contact us with your questions and we look forward to being able to assist you.

Warm regards,
Helgi Thor Ingason