MPM Master of Project Management

What they say

Advanced project management skills are essential for leaders of today's highly complex and distributed industrial projects.  The MPM program combines the latest tools and methods with practical applications and experience."
Prof. Steven Eppinger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
“There are two basic ways to learn project management; from your mistakes or from the mistakes of others. Learning from your own mistakes is a very costly process. Learning from the mistakes of others is, in my opinion, the best way of learning project management especially from case studies and classroom discussions. Seminars do not do justice to many of the topics because of time limitations. But perhaps the ideal learning situation is through graduate programs in project management. I wholeheartedly support all colleges and universities that have the courage and ability to provide meaningful project management education through graduate degrees."
Prof. Harold Kerzner, Baldwin Wallace College. President of Project Management Associates Inc.

“Project management is uniquely appropriate for engineers because it is technical and managerial at the same time. Most engineers start their careers in a technical capacity, and then begin running small, and then larger, projects, eventually moving into a more strategic and managerial role in their organizations. It is at the point where they start taking authority for more strategic and managerial projects that they need additional education in project management, which is precisely why a Master's program is so appropriate for them--it offers the tools and knowledge they need at precisely the time when they need it. I commend you for recognizing the importance of this topic for engineers in their post-graduate education and offering exactly the subject they need.”
Prof. Jack Meredith, Babcock Graduate School of Management

“There is a growing global shortage of project management professionals. For sure there is a clear need to learn the basics, but we need to understand that there is no one right approach to project management. Project management is more a phenomenon than a theory based management science. Project management must be explored from different angles and using different theoretical frameworks. We must learn to apply very different approaches depending on actual situation and current requirements. Project management is best learned using problem and project based learning methods. A good project manager is productive, critical and part of the team.”
Veikko Välilä President, International Project Management Association (IPMA)

Advanced programs such as the University of Iceland's MPM program are invaluable to project managers---and leaders at all levels---who want to stand out from the pack. The opportunity to explore new paths and probe the deeper problems in the field can lead to a broader array of abilities, more effective decision-making, and ultimately, more successful projects.
Jerry Manas, author of Managing the Gray Areas and Napoleon on Project Management
"Project management education at graduate level is becoming critical as current and future projects are becoming increasingly difficult to manage. The MPM programme at University of Iceland is well-placed to provide such education and has enjoyed brilliant successes since its establishment. The multidisciplinary background of students has highly enriched the students' learning experience through professional discussion, teamwork and understanding of different projects' needs and requirements."
Prof. Mustafa Alshawi, University of Salford